“It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”-Jeff Bezos

Iconic Brands, Artists, Influencers and nearly every business that is looking to increase their success, recognizes the importance of the ultimate customer experience and the fluidity that surrounds today’s active and conversational consumer. Almost overnight, new trends and technologies continue to be implemented in our lives. Popularity at times is instantaneous and global, mostly regulated through societies quest for information, connectivity and a sense of being in the know.

In the world of fast fashion, embroidered patches are blending old school branding with modern day individualism. You’ll find this trend on the streets of Brooklyn to the runways of London, as consumers look for new ways to stand out amongst the crowd. And be recognized.

Originally used as a symbol of rebellion, patches have now grown to become a reflection of mainstream identity, often referencing pop-culture, nostalgic and idyllic moments, as well as internet sensations and musical groups. Businesses are now seeing the impact of patches and how they can use these symbolic fashion statements to increase their exposure and fan base.

SmartPatch was born to blend today’s technology driven consumers with the power of branded patches. Recognizing this rising trend, SmartPatch delivers an instantaneous connection between business and consumer, by increasing customer engagement like never before. Ultimately, building a bridge to better customer experience.

Introducing SmartPatchHow SmartPatch Started

As Rich “Dr. Patch” Soergel sat in idle contemplation one day, he began to search out an answer to the simple question many business owners ask. “What’s Next?”.

With more than 30 years at the helm of Pacific Sportswear Company, Inc., perfecting his craft and delivering high-quality custom patches to thousands of organizations, sports teams, first responders, our military and more, Dr. Patch wanted to find a way to make this staple of the American Brand, step into the 21st century. After several ideas came and went, he finally landed on SmartPatch, a truly unique Brand Engagement System(BES) that allows information to pass from the business or brand, right to the consumer, through a simple Swype of the SmartPatch, with any smartphone.

How it works

Once an organization has elected to have a Custom SmartPatch created for its brand, the SmartPatch team gets to work and creates an Embroidered, Woven or Rubber SmartPatch or SmartPatch Keychain that has all of the design details and visual aspects that highlights the brand’s personality. Then, within the proprietary systems of the SmartPatch Management System, the SmartPatch is electronically coded to any number of URLs(Universal Resource Locator), such as a website, video, social media post or a variety of special offers, coupons, VIP services, and even contests and giveaways. The options are only limited by imagination.

SmartPatch phone appOnce the SmartPatch is purchased, given away or otherwise delivered to the consumer, the user will have immediate access to the brand’s message or offer. And will be prompted to download the free SmartPatch App. Which is easily found on the Apple or Google Play stores.

Simply search SmartPatch
The SmartPatch app is the first result[/caption] that will display.







The Magic

One of the many benefits of brand engagement by SmartPatch, is the ability for the Brand to control the conversation. With a few simple keystrokes within the private Client Dashboard, the SmartPatch can instantly be redirected to a new product release, promotion, landing page or private offering. Making the SmartPatch a multi-message marketing masterpiece.

SmartPatch Paratrooper KeychainSmartPatch has bridged the communication gap between your business and your consumers. Bringing the static impression of an embellished patch together with the amazing technology of a smartphone. What could be easier? Not only is the consumer becoming a walking billboard for your brand, but as a loyal fan, your consumers are your partners, supporting your product or service over and over and over again.

The dream of Dr. Patch is now a reality and quickly becoming a branding revolution. Learn more by contacting a SmartPatcholigist via email at: Hello@SmartPatch.com.


SmartPatch Swype ItImagine the Possibilities