everyday value of brand recognition

Iconic Brands are everywhere these days, from Apparel and Accessories to Billboards, Ball Parks and High-Rise Buildings. Getting your Brand Name out to the world is an art that builds upon a quality product or service that has found loyalty from its users. Those Raving fans, that segment of the market that is proud to boost your sales and sing your praises on a daily basis. But how do you get this started?

True recognition takes time and begins with a solid foundation for your business, which includes the willingness to go the extra mile and beyond, “in all that you do”. A rapid following is fully achievable, but it takes dedication to excellence.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Great Product
  • Great Service
  • Great People

These are the usual elements that we believe are the bedrock of any notable brand and so many businesses follow along just fine with these requirements. But what sets the “Big Guys” apart from the rest of us, other than huge budgets? It is the consumer, your raving fan that got that way by feeling that they are part of something bigger, they are in the “Inner Circle”, or have finally made it to a social level that is worthy of this brand association. So many different reasons for believing that their loyalty is somehow rewarding them.

Not taking away from any of our favorites, but let’s get real. How truly different is one Tennis Shoe from another? Why is it we pledge our allegiance to a trademark or endorsement by a celebrity or athlete? In reality, it’s a little crazy, right? But we do it and we do it every day for the feeling we get in return.

But wait, so the Brand is sharing its Iconic symbol on my new shirt and I like the color, the fit, and the comfort, so I buy it. Okay, but what has that Brand done for me? I mean really, I’m the fan, shouldn’t I get something for supporting this brand all the time? After all, I’m the one wearing their logo on my sleeve and giving them money to do so. Right?

Ahh, there’s the disconnect that is gaining more and more attention. Brands are now realizing that they have to have interaction with their loyal fans, what we now call “Engagement”. Most often, brands feel that by posting to Social Media or providing Special Events with product give-a-ways and celebrity Meet-n-Greets, that somehow, they have met the requirements for building brand loyalty. But is that enough? In a world where we are consistently searching for instant satisfaction and gratification, we now need our cherished brands to deliver even more. And do it quickly.

Finally, SmartPatch™has found a way to bring the best of the World’s Most Iconic Brands, (and yours too) right to the consumer, on their time. Offering a way in which the fans can share the brand image, tag line or logo, while simultaneously connecting with the brand through a Swype of their smartphone. Now it is finally possible for any Brand to truly give back to their followers with Awards, Coupons, Gifts, Sneak Peaks of upcoming events, product launches and so much more. All with the idea of maintaining a closer relationship with your most loyal supporters.

The idea behind the SmartPatch, is to introduce connectivity between the brand and consumer. By opening up a secret portal on the user’s Smart Phone, the brand is able to lead their followers to a place that is only found through this exclusive interaction with the SmartPatch. Then, through the SmartPatch App and the accompanying private SmartPatch Management System, the message, offer, video or other interactive feature, can be regularly changed and updated by the brand manager. Ensuring that the consumer is never left idol or without a sense of belonging.

This is the future of Branding. Right. Now. And SmartPatch is leading the path to a higher level of customer engagement for all.

Find out all about SmartPatch and the available SmartPatch products at SmartPatch.com or reach out to a SmartPatcholigist at Hello@SmartPatch.com.