There simply is no end in sight for what technology isgoing to give us next. Continually changing evolving and creating upon itself, today’s technology is likely to be ancient history in just a few short years. For business communication in particular, this means to stay ahead, influencers have to be on the cutting edge of communication and customer messaging.After all, it was just a short time ago that business communication through email was the “new thing”andtraditional newslettersstill worked. But now what about Texting, Video Messaging and Virtual Meeting Rooms?

These shifts build upon the opportunities that technology offers, while being fueled by the consumer’s insistence on instant information through acollective following. Social Media is the method most widely used today and remains an efficient tool, but what’s next?And how do businesses continue to deliver more?

The sheer magnitude of “Followers” and trending views, indicates a willingness by the consumer to receive corporate messaging through social media, livestream interaction, and short videos. Big companies recognize this and have been following these trendsand using the tools to communicate with their customers, where they hang out.

Wendy’s, for example, uses the power of Twitter to individually talk with followers. Its online persona embodies how a typical twitter user would communicate. Interacting directly with their followers and creating a community around their message and product offerings. Often, Wendy’s account managers respond back to snarky comments with sassy and often humorous replies.Removing the stereotypical culture associated with big brands and big business.These replies gather a lot of engagementbecause of theirhumorous and unexpected comments.

Wendy’salso perfected the use ofsocial media to garner the attention of celebritiesand in turn their followers as well.

Chance the Rapper, a popular American Rap Artists, tweeted to Wendy’s to bring back spicy chicken nuggets. Wendy’s replied back,”If you get this tweet to 2 million likes, we’ll bring them back.” Because of how the like feature works, a user who likes a tweet will share it to all their followers, Twitter timeline and thus promoting Wendy’s brilliant marketing campaign.

Wendy’s utilized social media to create a demand and the goal was reachedbeyond expectations. Wendy’s has garnered tons of attention onsocial media because of customer engagement and this directly correlates to more sales and an ever-increasing audience of loyal followers.

What’s Next?

Consumer preferences continue to evolve. Social Media is filled with information junk food, that clogsup the consumer’s mental energy. Customers scroll through social media like a slot machine trying to strike online gold,usually endingup empty handed.

SmartPatchhas developed a powerfulBrand EngagementSystem(BES), that is set to help revolutionize the next era of Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Brand Supremacy. By offering a new method of brand exposure and customer engagement, SmartPatch has bridged the gap between old school and new tech. Allowing Brands and Consumers to connect like never before.

The SmartPatch itself is a custom branded embroidered patch or two-sided keychain that allows users to Swype itwith their phone, which instantly connects the user toa website, video, promotion, social media account, VIP experience and more.

One of thestrongest componentsof the SmartPatch, is the ability to change the destinationthrough the SmartPatch Management System. Companies can simply log into a private online portal and instantly lead the consumer to a wholenew destination. The goal is to have companies use this channel to continuallycommunicate with their customers long term. This opens up the opportunity to offer weekly promotions, coupons, and a full variety of different offers.

Why Should Your Company Join This Revolution?

SmartPatch is the first of its kind.A creative communication platform that not only showsoff consumer loyalty as a piece of promotional apparel or branded accessory, the SmartPatch also allows the user to be a part of an exclusive “Members Only”club for any company, organization or influencer that wants to increase loyalty and fan engagement. Reach out to one of our SmartPatcholigist to learn more about the future of Branding. Right. Now. at